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Who Are We

Why donate monthly?

Monthly giving allows you to become a part of an exclusive group of donors who opt to donate monthly vs yearly, or both. 

It allows people the opportunity to donate smaller amounts over a longer period of time vs a lump sum yearly, although some opt to donate monthly and make a final additional donation at the end of the year. It really is up to you, the donor. 

By giving monthly you are supporting our programs and services with much needed funds for our greatest needs to support our low-income and or unhoused neighbours throughout South Simcoe. 

Did you know that you can even select what program you would like your donation to go to? That's right! Just add a message to tell us the program you would like to support and we can direct your funds to that specific program. Our current options are outreach, drop-in, and shelter. Or you can be more specific and say gas, transportation, food, etc.

All online donations receive an automatic tax receipt. Forgot to print it? No problem! You will get a reminder email at the end of the year to print them out, no more waiting. 

Cant find a receipt from Canada Helps? No problem! Let us know and we can resend it through Canada Helps in just a few minutes. 

Will you join us in becoming a monthly donor?

What is Make it Monthly? 

In March, Make it Monthly for your favourite charities by setting up a new monthly donation of $20 or more, and CanadaHelps will add on an extra $20*.

Already donating monthly? Increase the impact of your existing monthly gift by $10 or more, and CanadaHelps will add on an extra $10*

How to get your monthly gift matched?

  1. Choose any of Canada’s 86,000 charities or causes important to you

  2. Click Donate Monthly in the Donate to this Charity section

  3. Enter $20 or more as the donation amount for new monthly donations OR top-up your existing monthly donations by $10 in your donor account*

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