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About S.H.I.F.T.

S.H.I.F.T stands for Support and Hope for Individuals and Families Today.

Through our programming, we provide safe, respectful, and welcoming overnight accommodations, meals and supports to those experiencing or at-risk of experiencing homelessness and/or food insecurity in South Simcoe. 

We are committed to facilitating connection to further services, resources, and community.

Our Vision

A community that empowers change.

Our Mission

To partner with the individuals and families we serve to make a meaningful shift in their circumstances.

Our Values


  • We are unrelenting in our pursuit to make homelessness as brief as possible.

  • We support participants in their efforts to attain and retain safe, affordable, and sustainable housing.

  • We believe that everyone has the right to an adequate standard of living, including adequate food and housing.



  • We are respectful of and responsive to the unique and emerging needs and priorities of our participants, as articulated by them.

  • We strive to assist each individual to access what they need to be successful in making a shift in their circumstances.

  • We are committed to applying harm reduction principles in all actions.



  • We believe that all people should be treated with dignity, empathy, and compassion.

  • We are individually accountable for how we act.

  • We respect our participant’s rights to make informed choices.

  • We are non-judgmental about the choices our participants have made or choose to make.

Diversity & Inclusion

  • We respect all aspects of people.

  • We appreciate the diversity of our participants, staff, volunteers, funders, and donors.

  • We endeavor to offer inclusivity for all, in all elements of our work.

  • We recognize and are committed to ending the stigma associated with living in poverty and accessing related supports.


Education & Prevention

  • We are committed to raising awareness about homelessness and food insecurity and in strengthening services available to assist those experiencing them.

  • We advocate for affordable housing and improved conditions for individuals and families living in poverty within our community.

  • We work in partnership to prevent those at imminent risk of homelessness from experiencing housing crisis.

  • We continuously improve our programs and services by being sensitive to the changing needs of the community.



  • We believe that all people have the capacity to build self-efficacy, create lasting change and reach their full potential.

  • We inspire our participants to improve their quality of life


Teamwork & Collaboration

  • We continually seek effective partnerships and opportunities to form alliances with others in the community.

  • We appreciate the collaboration and commitment of our staff and volunteers in carrying out our vision, mission, and values.

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